Looking On The Bright Side of Magazines

The Benefits Of Reading Men’s Magazines A men’s magazine has a huge variety of topics that would interest men most, Whatever topic you’re searching for as long as it is masculine, it is most certainly found in men’s magazines. These magazines are very well-known because of their good subjects, information on men’s health, compelling and … Continue reading “Looking On The Bright Side of Magazines”

The Benefits Of Reading Men’s Magazines

A men’s magazine has a huge variety of topics that would interest men most, Whatever topic you’re searching for as long as it is masculine, it is most certainly found in men’s magazines.

These magazines are very well-known because of their good subjects, information on men’s health, compelling and fascinating articles, as well as the pictures that makes reading fun.

Aside from the fact that magazines entertain us when we are bored, it also gives us valuable insights and information about many subjects. Men’s magazines are informative when it educates us on various subjects but at the same time it has it’s right amount of humor and entertainment to balance things out. Due to the short but informative and easy to read articles, reading men’s magazines can be very satisfying and fun. Unlike most books and even newspapers, men’s magazines are full of great imagery, making it even more interesting.

Today, in a world where technology is almost everywhere, there are many paper publications that are not doing so well. Even if it is already possible to read articles in the internet, nothing will compare to reading the traditional way, it cannot give you the satisfaction of holding that fine glossy paper with interesting subjects and nice images.

Men’s magazines consist of a huge variety of different interesting subject matters. Whether you are looking to read about men’s health, sports, beautiful women, and many others, chances are you’d find it in the men’s magazine.

Men’s magazines are sometimes specific on certain topics. For example, men’s hobbies, some will talk more on exercising, others on working, cooking, etc.

It is a known fact that magazines target specific audiences based on what subjects would interest them the most but believe it or not geography is also a big factor. Most publications for magazines are delivered to offices, homes, cities, countries, and many more making it very well-known.

Most if not all men’s magazines are financed by different companies advertising their products and services on it’s pages. The second and probably the biggest source of profit for men’s magazines is the price itself, this is not free, we usually buy then and some even subscribe to get them weekly, monthly, or annually. This is very important for them so that they won’t be obsolete. Technology is becoming more and more advanced, they are in the brink of making our magazines obsolete, we need to support these magazines that gave us entertainment and meaningful information throughout the years, let us continue to support them by buying and subscribing. Although technology is great, it can never replace the fulfillment we get from reading traditional men’s magazines.

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Customized and Personalized Golf

You can have any number of personally detailed golf accessories. Customized golf equipment, accessories or paraphernalia is a wonderful gift ideal for the golfer in your life. It is also a wonderful purchase for your own golf needs. Golf clubs alone have some original accessories that are easily found and made more special with personal touches.

The idea of personalizing golf equipment can begin with the gold bag that carries the precious cargo of your clubs. Monograms stitched into the leather or canvas is an unobtrusive way to show ownership and also to personalize. Using monogrammed golf towels or using golf balls with your name on them is a great way to personalize the golf scene without being tacky or presumptuous. And you never know when a large bag of discount personalized golf tees could really come in handy.

Golf clubs with the owners name engraved in them is the beginning of a long list of wonderful personalized and customized golf equipment. Needing golf clubs that vary from the ordinary in height, length or strength is what customizing is all about. You will discover there is a whole retail world out there that thrives on customization. Golf clubs are indeed just the beginning.

Golf apparel is no exception to the personal side of golf. Comfortable and affordable clothes, shoes, hats and umbrellas are just a few of the enormous choices available for personalized golf. With discount and wholesale golf apparel shops offering every affordable style is made available to the golfing public there is no reason not to be original in your appearance on the golf course.

So many great gift ideas come to mind when you think about customizing and personalizing golf equipment. Head covers can boast the family crest or they can even be a knitted gift from your teenage daughters for your birthday. Either way they are equally cherished for their unique sentimental value.

Customizing your vacation to include a home rented in advance in Augusta, Georgia for a personal view of the Masters can be an amazing way to show your loyalty to the sport of golf. Being up close and personal to such an event is something planned well in advance and could be in some cases a once in a lifetime occurrence. Customized and personalized can go hand in hand and need not be so expensive. Creating your own tournament for a good cause is always a fun project for the entire family or helpful organization.

Customizing your golf accessories can range from the practical to the outrageous. Installing seat warmers or air conditioners in your golf car might seem a little extravagant to some people. If you are serious about your golf these accessories and customizations are deemed a necessity. A seat warmer or range finder may seem trivial in comparison to some extravagant examples. Golf cars that look like the SUV in your driveway may seem a little excessive. If you have the money to indulge in such luxuries than so be it. Who said a Rolls Royce golf car was over the top?

Christmas Gift Ideas 2012 For Her

Christmas is just around the corner the race to find the perfect gifts has now begun. However, there is a certain group that usually like to join the race late… men! Fear not though, as help. I have compiled a list of Christmas gift ideas for her to help the men of the world shop for the perfect gift this Christmas.

iPad Mini

Every year Apple bring out a gadget that fast becomes the must have bit of tech, leaping to the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list. This year its the iPad Mini, a more compact and more importantly, cheaper version of the iPad. So what does the iPad Mini offer?

To begin with, the iPad Mini is, as the names suggests, a lot smaller and compact than the iPad but still manages to boast a wonderful 7.9″ screen which delivers an impressive 1024×768 resolution for a crystal clear, sharp image. It uses the iSight camera technology featured in its bigger brother allowing you to take ultra crisp 5 mega pixel photos and shoot incredibly detailed 1080p HD videos.

Powering the iPad Mini is an A5 processor chip, allowing it to deliver breathtakingly smooth graphics. In terms of connectivity you can buy two types of Mini; one that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and another that connects both via Wi-Fi and through mobile connectivity, allowing you to browse the internet anywhere in the world. You may think all this means that the battery life must be short and unimpressive but you’d be wrong. It has an impressive 10 hour battery life, so it will always be there when you need it throughout the day. The iPad Mini is available in a choice of two colours, white and black.

This is going to be an extremely popular gift this Christmas, put a smile on your loved ones face this year with a new iPad Mini.


Diamonds are a girls best friend, and a man can never go wrong if he gets his lady a beautiful piece of jewellery. Problem is with so much jewellery out there, how do you buy your loved one the right piece. Well to help you all out I will simply list 3 brands that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones face. These are links of London, Tiffany’s and Gucci. Buy anything by these three brands and you are guaranteed to be in your ladies good books for a very long time.

Some tips when buying jewellery are; look at what she wears on a daily basis, if she wears a lot of silver guess what? she likes silver over gold so don’t buy gold. Look at her current jewellery look at styles of earrings act, are they large, do the hang, are they small more studded? By simply doing a bit of research into the tastes of your lady, then you shouldn’t have a problem picking up something that will make her day and year!

Kindle Fire HD

Here’s another tablet device, this time from the team at Amazon. As you may be aware, Amazon have lead the way in the E-Book market with their Kindle E-Book Readers for many years. Now they are stepping into the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, and what a big step they have made! The Kindle Fire HD looks like your average tablet device, but boy does it pack a punch. The screen boasts a 1280×800 HD resolution complete with polarising filter and anti-glare technology to ensure vibrant colours and clear display even in the most challenging of light settings. Dolby provides the sound behind this awesome bit of tech, with dual-driver stereo speakers producing awesome sound, great for films and games.

The Kindle Fire HD is perfectly designed for films, tv shows, music and books. The 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor that powers the Kindle Fire is more than enough to ensure a smooth operation and performance at all times. It is also the first tablet device with dual antenna, dual-band Wi-Fi allowing for ultra fast downloads and HD streaming. I have left the best for last, the Kindle Fire HD not only delivers a wide range of functions, but it does it at a ridiculously low price, just £159.00!

Canvas Print

If you are looking for a much more personal gift, then why not get her a Canvas Print of one of her favourite photos. Canvas prints are great gifts and can be completely customised in order to transform your best snaps into magnificent pieces of Canvas Wall Art. There are many companies in the UK that offer canvas printing services and creating your canvas is extremely easy and can be done online!


It may not be the right time of year for them, but according to a number of online polls and surveys, one of the most wanted women’s gifts this Christmas are designer sunglasses. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for your loved one is really down to the shape of the their face. Some people can get away with wearing large framed glasses,whilst others are better suited to thinner more petite styles. The thicker framed, larger lensed glasses are very much the “in-thing” in the fashion world so you are probably best going for something along these lines. There are loads of top designer brands to choose from, but when it comes to women’s sunglasses, for me, there are two main contenders, Ray Ban and Dolce & Gabanna. Both these brands make very stylish and highly desirable glasses that are guaranteed to make your lady feel like a million dollars!

Website Video Production For Corporate Business – A Simple Guide

It is now the beginning of 2009 and we, the ardent users of interactive technology are riding the crest of a Golden Wave of website video and corporate video production possibilities. I have no doubt that in a conceptually altered Chinese calendar this would be the ‘Year of the WebVideo’ in all its’ various forms and methods of deployment. Anyhow, I’ve been reading up on the subject and this is the impression I’m getting from people in the know.

Technology has again moved forward and new encoding procedures coupled with a general awareness of narrative have brought the great and fantastic possibilities of video, online and into the hands of the common man.

His or her under £150,000 gross operation is obviously crying out for an effective means of one on one communication and somewhere along the line I read that potential customers are 4 times more likely to become actual customers if your web presence is graced with the luminance of corporate video. People buy off people! CEO’s everywhere have, for some time now been scrambling to put into place the most efficient systems and operations that will fully exploit this ardently touted paradigm shift in online visual expectancy.

The figures are all there. Findings in the American market have indicated that the number of consumers who actively engaged in the viewing of a website video production rose by 18% in the second half of 2006. A total of 3.7 billion streams having been watched. Male to female ratios stand close to even on a 52-48 percentage scale. Surprisingly in 2006 it was Yahoo Video that led the pack with around 21 million visitors a month.

MySpace came in a close second with around 20 million a month. So with the stats in mind I guess it wasn’t that surprising to see Google swallow up YouTube which was getting around 16 million faces a month.

According to Jack Flanegan, executive vice president of ComScore Media Metrix who, amongst other things provide detailed analysis of online consumer activity is quoted as saying: “Consumers clearly view video as one of the most accessible, interesting and entertaining sources of content on the web”. And, well…I completely agree. Video has an accessible grounding in reality, and… all things considered… there’s a thirst for it. We are all obsessed with peeping through the crack in the doorway, watching without ‘being watched’.

Video was built for this kind of mentality. There’s no way I would be writing this blog about some useless, defective communication format sent to the archives of history to hang out with smoke signals. Oh no, not me! I am here and now and so is online video, and in this here and now if you want to make some money through your online presence, WebVideos are the progressive medium you should employ.

Ditch the expensive call centers and put your customer service rep on your site in an interactive video display for first hand guidance. Why have a static image of your product when a WebVideo can shift more units. Go ahead, make that play for a full grasp of socially relevant media deployment, move forward, gain the edge. This is the 21st Century in the history of the fine beast that is man. What? You don’t have video on your website?

How to do you maintain peoples interest? Things must be so tough for you. How are you coping? Anyhow that’s what people were saying about websites and that soon caught on. Now look where we are. If the internet is just another room to peer into then it stands to reason that it’s gotta have a TV in the corner.

So how do you go about employing video on your website? What is the right format? More importantly, what should it look like? Obviously with the advent of new encoding procedures it has become incredibly easy for web deployment of video. At the forefront of this new wave of encoding is the On2 VP6 codec which is used primarily by Macromedia Flash 8 and up. The ‘flash player’ is freely available for download and is reportedly on 96% of all internet configured Windows & Macintosh computers. Which is pretty high as far as stats go. Java (84%), Windows Media Player (87%) and Apple Quicktime (59%) all trail behind.

Flash enables anyone to stream videos from their browsers cache at a fraction of the size of other formats thanks to the On2 VP6 compression. Also it has a whole different level of options for interactivity that none of the others have. With flash you can play a hundred videos through the same file without leaving the page and tag a form on the end of the video asking for comments. This is sure to keep people immersed in an interactive video experience. WARNING – Ideas not supplied. Well… not for free that’s for sure. Flash was built for the active medium of the internet and it’s flourishing.

Micro-sites or the huge rise of .tv sites are the high end of video usage for a lot of companies, but high end means high prices, maybe six grand upwards is not in your budget. The average business will probably find use for a handful of videos for an initial outlay of a couple of grand. Obviously there will be niche markets out there where the businesses will have to have video on their site and cannot function without it. Soon enough though it will all be like that. As prophetic as that sounds, I can only image this sort of thing snowballing. Remember the Golden Wave. Ride it and flourish. For if you don’t, it will drown you.

Anyhow, there are companies out there that will put together a 1 minute video for you for around £500, but i’ve seen these videos and from a professional standpoint I know they are operating on a second rate level. The obvious lack of perfectionist ideals and aspirations belongs only to the guy who amazes himself too easily. Another form of online video is the 30 second slot on the homepage. This is fast becoming the successor to the animated header.

The web has for the most part been a silent affair, with users choosing to listen to their favorite band whilst surfing away. Video is changing that and users are becoming used to a little noise. Over time the expectancy values will change and sound on every website will no doubt become a normal affair. This is why a 30 second, dynamic montage based intro will succeed.

Next up is the talking head which can run anywhere from between 20 seconds to 3 minutes long. The talking head can offer a much subtler welcome message and when combined with the use of graphic elements and transparent backgrounds it can still retain an element of entertainment. It has a keen simplicity that doesn’t overload the user and can be acquired for around a grand a minute and upwards, depending on your demands for graphics or titles.

Product or service explanations are very popular uses of the talking head by many companies from insurance to mobile phones. A sort of very subtle advert or showcase to watch at the users discretion. I mean why have bunch of still photographs taken from every conceivable angle when for a little extra cash you can have a 30 second video of someone showcasing the product.

No doubt the usual link to ‘enlarge image’ will change to something like ‘view product video’. A handful of these could be produced for around £500 a pop and considering the ‘click through’ rate you’re bound to make your money back shifting extra units.

All this of course is small change in comparison to what the majority of people are responding to. That my less than inebriated readers is of course, entertainment! By far the single most popular use of video ever. Billions of people, like fragmented herds of hedonistic swine, completely alienated from police state politics are lining up with baited breath for the latest ‘close shave’ video or some pair of seventeen year old girls trying their hand at singing Whitney Houstens’ “I Will Always Love You’. This is bedroom theatre at its’ greatest. This is where the mainstay of WebVideo opportunity lies.

Well… where does this leave the average website I hear you bleat? Simple. Format popularity has very specific impacts on everyday habit and culture. Just look at how far the viewing screen itself has come in all its’ varying forms. The impact entertainment video has on the web is perfectly aligned with a certain expectancy. Users grow through saturation of an idea to expect an element of it in all aspects their everyday lives.

The majority of the world still have boring day jobs and they still yearn for excitement and entertainment. The more saturated we become with website video entertainment as it stands the more demanding we will become. Static websites will always be around because some things need to be static, but hey… if it can be brought to life it better be, cause otherwise i’m outta yer. Boring!!!

The web may well be conceptually as a whole a fascinating work of art, but individual sites are but a mere brush stroke on a gigantic canvas of information. There are a lot of people in the world, maybe 7 billion in all and a few billion of these have internet ready computers, a thirst for entertainment, short attention span and a pocket full of cash to spend on anything that can hold their interest long enough to get their bank card out. If you haven’t got a website video in one form or another, well… what have you got?